Welcome 2021: 4-week series + monthly meditation!

Welcome to the new month and the new year!  We appreciate the feedback that so many of you provided on our recent survey—know that we used those answers and comments to guide us in our January planning, particularly as we arranged to make recorded classes available and to have guest teachers lead the monthly meditation sessions.

To start the new year off on the right foot, we are excited to bring you a new offering:  a four-class series that you can either attend live on Saturday mornings or access later via recordings! We have assembled six teachers, two of whom will offer a brief class each Saturday morning beginning on Jan. 9, at 9 a.m.  Take the classes in the way that best suits you:  on Zoom as they happen, via the recordings at your convenience, or as a mixture of both modalities.  This series provides eight total mini-classes, each lasting 30-35 minutes, to support you in your winter wellness.

All sessions in this Strengthen, Stretch, and Refresh series begin at 9 a.m. central, with recordings available approximately 11 a.m.  We will follow this weekly schedule:

  • Sat., 1/9:  Susan (Introduction to Mat Pilates) + Frances (Chair yoga)
  • Sat., 1/16:  Leslie (Basics yoga with focus on shoulders) + Shigeko (Basics yoga with focus on warrior poses)
  • Sat., 1/23:  Susan (Introduction to Mat Pilates, part 2) + Heather (Basics yoga with a focus on core)
  • Sat., 1/30:  Shigeko (Basics yoga with focus on backbending) + Angie (Restorative and guided relaxation)

Ready to sign up?  Great!  To join us for the series, complete this brief registration form and submit your payment of $40 to Angie (payment options listed on the registration form).  She will, in turn, forward payment to each teacher.  To provide a simplified registration and payment experience for us all, these classes are available only as a package, not as individual sessions.  However, you may sign up at any time during the month and have access to the previous recordings.

Have questions?  Also great!  Join Angie for a drop-in Zoom meeting on Sat., Jan. 2, 9–10 a.m., or ask them on the Facebook Event page.

Is 2021 your year to begin or to refresh your meditation practice?  Beginning in January, we will be providing meditation opportunities with guest teachers!  Alice, as many of you know, is taking a break from leading the monthly meditation to pursue another project.  To continue to offer a chance to gather together and meditate, Angie will be the January guest teacher, and she hopes you can join her on Sat., Jan. 23, at 11 a.m. on Zoom.  Although meditation continues as a drop-in class, if you indicate “going” or “interested” on the Facebook Event page, you will receive a reminder.

We hope to see you on Zoom this month!

Fountain Square Park, Dec. 2020.
Photo credit: Heather Kessler.
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