June 2021: outdoor classes, limited indoor classes, meditation workshop

Since March 2020, we have enjoyed expanding our connections with all of you beyond the walls of the studio itself.  We have experienced some truly magical days of outdoor yoga, with perfect weather conditions and chances to see and talk with each other.  And, during the winter, we have practiced with students from five states via Zoom.

However, we know from your feedback that you are eager to return to the studio, and we are happy to announce that we will begin a gradual studio reopening* for vaccinated students and teachers in June!  

For vaccinated members of our community, June offers a weekly Chair class, taught by Angie and Frances, on Thursday mornings at 9 a.m.  We particularly look forward to seeing former attendees at the Gentle classes as we ease back into our practice together.

Also in the studio, we will offer two one-off Basics classes as Heather and Susan each try out a noon time spot, which is an option some of you have requested. Please see the attached PDF copy of the schedule for these dates.

If you are not yet vaccinated, we welcome you to our 14 outdoor classes—including one at 7 a.m.—and Zoom meditation workshop.  The outdoor classes will continue to meet at the Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport, with regular morning classes now beginning at 9 a.m.

In June, we also welcome Danny Brewington back for his third Zoom meditation workshop.  On Sat., June 19, Danny will continue to explore the connection between mindfulness and the body with a special focus on relieving pain and discomfort.  The workshop will conclude with Yoga Nidra.

Workshop description: In today’s world, it’s important to know how to relax and renew ourselves with meditation. This 90-minute workshop continues to address the challenges of releasing tension within the body. Students will practice mindfulness techniques designed to stimulate alpha brain waves to achieve deep levels of relaxation and rejuvenation.

If you plan to join us in the studio, please review this post.  For information about attending airport classes, please see the end of this post.  To join us for the meditation workshop, register here so that Angie can send you the meeting link.

Finally, if you would be interested in private or semi-private studio classes with one of our current teachers to help you reconnect with your practice, please reach out to her directly for availability and pricing.  If you do not have her contact information, send a message to this address, and Angie will forward it.

Taking an outdoor class?  

If you have any questions about preparing for or participating in an outdoor class, please send an email to this address or message us via our Facebook page.

  1. Complete the 2021 online waiver form if you have not already done so this year.  (You need only complete it once, not for each individual class.  If you forget to do it before class, the teacher will have a QR code for you to scan when you arrive.)
  2. Check our Facebook page or online schedule one hour before class if the weather is questionable.  We will update in both places if we need to cancel class. 
  3. Bring or wear these items:  mat and any props you would like to use, water, sunscreen if it’s warm, layers if it’s cool.
  4. Arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins to give yourself time to settle in.

Location:  Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport, 1000 Woodhurst Drive.

Class fee:  $10.

* Although Warren County has recently dropped to a “moderate” level of COVID-19 community transmission (hooray!), we continue to struggle with relatively low vaccination rates.  As a result, our transition back into the studio will be slow and deliberate.  If you would like help finding a vaccination location or arranging transportation, please reply to this email, and Angie will be happy to help.

(CDC vaccine data, as of May 28:  Warren County fully vaccinated: 29.7%, nationally:  40.2%. Warren County 18 and older fully vaccinated:  37.8%, nationally 50.9%.)

The Pots Place from Fountain Square Park
June 1, 2021

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