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November 2015 focus and class schedule

As autumn deepens in the month of November, we can reflect on the life-flowing energy of the natural world moving deeper into the core as an opportunity to practice self-reflection.  As Patanjali explains in the Yoga Sutras, the niyamas are … Continue reading

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December 2014 class schedule and focus

Here we are again, like it or not, at the holiday season!  Even with intentions not to spend too much, eat too much, or drink too much, we often succumb and are thrown out of routines and stress levels increase. … Continue reading

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October 2014 class schedule and focus

October is an evocative month; some feel sadness at the bittersweet ending of summer, while others are invigorated by smells, colors, and cooler temperatures.  Change is undeniable. Memories of events that have happened at this time of year can be … Continue reading

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Good Housekeeping discusses Pranayama!

Good Housekeeping discusses Pranayama! One of our students was kind enough to share this recent article from Good Housekeeping titled “How to Breathe Better.”  It is wonderful to see the benefits of pranayama being shared with a wide readership!  (To … Continue reading

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