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July 2016 focus and class schedule

How does your garden grow? With the flowers and foods you want? All from the seeds you sow? What about the seeds you didn’t sow–those persistent, hardy plants we call weeds? With regular diligence, it is possible to maintain your … Continue reading

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June 2016 focus and class schedule

Our Breath is so elementary and yet has so much potential to reveal subtle knowledge about our lives when it becomes conscious and the focus of inquiry. It is possible to live one’s whole life without giving breath a second … Continue reading

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March 2015 focus and class schedule

Wake up, little seed! Usually the month of March in Bowling Green is characterized by rapidly rising daily temps, although with the recent uncharacteristic shot of winter, it may be hard to believe! Wake up, yogis and yoginis! Realize that … Continue reading

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February 2015 focus and class schedule

Dear friends, And now, we enter the chapter of February.  We will pick up with the image of you hibernating in child’s pose as the little seed still in the dark, cold earth.  Now it is beginning to stir, to … Continue reading

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January 2015 focus and class schedule

Indeed, the light is slowly returning to lengthen our days. That is such a comforting thought to have as January moves us deeper into winter: “The sun a spark, / hung thin between / the dark and dark” (from John … Continue reading

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December 2014 class schedule and focus

Here we are again, like it or not, at the holiday season!  Even with intentions not to spend too much, eat too much, or drink too much, we often succumb and are thrown out of routines and stress levels increase. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Day class: 9 a.m. mixed level

We hope everyone is planning something delicious and delightful for the Thanksgiving holiday! Many of you already have a copy of our class schedule from our monthly email or from picking one up at the studio, but we just wanted … Continue reading

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November 2014 class schedule and focus

“On a bare branch / a crow has settled / autumn dusk.” — Haiku by Matsuo Basho This month we reframe our use of time to adapt to the shorter days with the “fall back” time change. Perhaps you can … Continue reading

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October 2014 class schedule and focus

October is an evocative month; some feel sadness at the bittersweet ending of summer, while others are invigorated by smells, colors, and cooler temperatures.  Change is undeniable. Memories of events that have happened at this time of year can be … Continue reading

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July 2014 focus and class schedule

With high temperatures typically peaking in the month of July, the image of relaxing in a hammock strung between two trees by the water comes to mind. It is a wonderful idea, but many of us have a hard time … Continue reading

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